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All About Our Micky Thompson Tyres

When you stop to consider that the only thing that keeps your car on the bitumen is four thin strips of rubber, it makes sense to invest in the best.

If you need tyres Maitland you are in luck because the team of technicians here at O’Neills Tyres Maitland, we can fit a huge range including the iconic Micky Thompson Tyres brand.

Tyres Maitland

With a racing pedigree

Micky Thompson has its roots in motor racing and the company has been a tyre producer since way back in 1963.

The famous racing tyre designed by Mickey Thompson was one of the first to use a soft rubber compound.

At three times the width of other available race car tyres at the time, the Micky Thompson tyre left an impression on formula one that is still evident to this day.


A wide selection of tyre types

Whatever type of car, Ute, or light duty truck you drive there is a Micky Thompson range of Tyres in Maitland to suit it.

From SUVs to off-road vehicles, the technicians here at O’Neills Tyres can quickly and correctly fit your new tyres while you wait.

Alongside the extensive Micky Thompson range, you can choose from virtually every other leading tyre brand name tyre.


Expert fitting and a range of tyre services

If you want to make sure that you get the very best out of your tyres you will benefit from expert fitting by technicians and a range of other tyre related services.

From new valves and wheel balancing to wheel alignment and tyre inspections, a reputable company will be able to provide all of them.


Choosing the professionals

When you need tyres Maitland, you need to contact the team here at O’Neills Tyres so call us now on 02 4933 5977.

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