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What Is A Pink Slip?

Pink slips explained

A pink slip is also known as an eSafety Inspection report that will assess whether your vehicle is roadworthy in Maitland to be driven on the road.


Typically this inspection will be required for cars that are more than 5 years old and are a pre requisite to getting your car registered in New South Wales.


If your vehicle passes the inspection then this will information will be forwarded to the Roads and Maritime Authority over the web.


However, if your vehicle ends up needing repairs then you will be given a fortnight to get the needed works completed. After this fortnight the previous report will expire and you would have pay for another eSafety check. To save yourself money get it done within the 14 days.

What Is The Importance of a Roadworthy?

If you have failed the test and your vehicle is deemed not roadworthy in Maitland, as mentioned you’ll have two weeks to get the required repairs completed. Once you have made the required adjustments, you will then need to get a follow up check carried out on your car to ensure that all the repairs have been carried out accurately by a professional.


There is no charge to this follow up check if you go back to the same service centre that initially carried out your first safety check.


If you vehicle does in fact pass its inspection first time round you’ll then be given your pink slip. You then under Australian law have 42 days to use this pink slip to get your vehicle registered.


If for any reason your vehicle isn’t registered within this timeframe, you will be required to get another pink slip after passing another inspection costing you more money.


And you’ll usually be required to get a pink slip for your car every year if it is over 5 years old. The mechanic will be checking all core parts of the car to ensure that it is indeed roadworthy.


There are a range of standard fees that you’ll be expected to pay in Australia with these being:-

  • Light vehicles – $37.40
  • Motorcycles – $22.20
  • Trailer without brakes – $22.20
  • Trailer with breaks – $29.50

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