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Signs You Should Bring Your Car Into A Mechanic

When it comes to driving, not everyone knows the tell-tale signs that your vehicle is having an issue.

Although it can be hard to discern when your vehicle needs to be brought in to a mechanic, there are several detectable symptoms that indicate your car needs professional attention.

In this blog article, we’ll go over the most common warning signs that mean you need to see your mechanic in Maitland.


If you notice there is a puddle of liquid forming underneath your car, it’s time to book in a mechanic. By having the leak fixed early on, it can save you lots of money on costly repairs down the line. 


If your car simply won’t start, the main offender is often a flat battery or a dated alternator. Whatever the issue is, it’s time to either have it towed to a mechanic or call a mobile mechanic.


It’s always important to keep an eye on your dashboard lights. If there’s a certain issue with your vehicle, one of the dashboard lights will turn on as an early indicator that something has gone awry. The light will generally turn on if there’s an issue with the oil, battery, engine, etc.

If one of these lights comes on, don’t delay and see a mechanic in Maitland right away.


If the coolant levels are low or the oil levels need topping up, it can cause the vehicle to overheat. If you’re able to top up the levels yourself and it solves the problem—fantastic.

However, if that’s not the root of the problem, book your vehicle in today and we’ll sort it out in no time.


Listening to the vehicle is a helpful way to determine if there’s an issue. If something has come loose and it’s making a rattling sound, it’s time to bring it in to get tightened.

If there’s a different sound, for example: grinding, vibrating or squealing—it might be an issue with the brakes, engine, etc.

Either way, we don’t expect you to diagnose the issue yourself. Bring it in to us and we’ll find the problem and fix it straight away.


If the engine or exhaust system is producing a particularly odourous smell—it’s time to bring it in.

We understand that exhaust fumes aren’t always a pleasant smell, but if it has a certain rotting smell to it, it may be an underlying issue with the exhaust and/or engine.

Ensuring your car is roadworthy while driving is of the utmost importance.

To book your car in for a service or for more information, contact O’Neills Tyres today by phone or filling out our enquiry form.

We are the mechanic in Maitland you can trust.