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Tyres for Performance – What to Look For

You want to make sure that your cars have the best, and this includes finding high-quality performance tyres that will allow you to keep full control of your vehicle. When you are searching for the perfect set of tyres for your wheels in Maitland O’Neills Tyres can offer you some advice before you go out to buy.

High-performance tyres are a must

If you are driving a big power car, then you need tyres that can really hold onto the road. If you match your vehicle to a set of good tyres, you can get much more horsepower out of the vehicle, and allow you to accelerate and take bends more safely. O’Neill’s Tyres recommend that you find high-quality tyres if you have a performance vehicle.

Understanding the lingo

If you are looking for quality tyres for your vehicle, then you have to understand that you are really looking for sticky tyres that cling to the road. This means avoiding all season tyres, or ultra performance season tyres. They can often grip less during warmer weather, so you don’t get the traction. Even the phrase high-performance is no longer limited to the best quality tyres, and max performance or extreme performance tyres are sometimes the right choice.

Look for ratings

Tyre makers will often rate their tyres with estimates that can indicate how durable the tyre is, its traction rating, and temperature endurance. These ratings can give you good information about the tyres, and how much traction they can have in order to keep going for longer. Comparing these ratings one with another can also help you to pick between different tyres.

Reading information from the sidewall

The sidewall of the tyre will have a lot of information which relates directly to its performance. The tyre will have details about its section width, aspect ratio, and speed rating. The latter rating will tell you how much load including weight and downward pressure, the vehicle will withstand. The tyres that you are looking for will be marked with the speed rating followed by a letter. You should be searching for letters Y, W and Z.

Seek advice from the experts

If you want to make sure that you find the right high performance tyres for your wheels in Maitland, then O’Neill’s Tyres can help you to locate the perfect set for your vehicle. To get our help with your search, send us an enquiry message, or call 02-4933-5977 now.

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